Keras Yama
Ecological Sanitation

What We Do

Zero Waste is a cornerstone for regenerative development, eliminating the concept of waste, while recovering resources to further promote practical, low-cost, and replicable solutions. Together with community partners we promote the many variants of the 3 R’s to end inorganic waste streams and supply building materials for ecological construction. We also focus on human waste, providing the spaces and tools to improve hygiene practices and protect clean water, by build composting latrines adapted for flood zones. These latrines include rainwater collectors, and an accompanying wash/bathing platform with an incorporated Banana Circle garden to recycle greywater. Through our alliances and mutual relationships with communities, local governments and other organizations we aspire to inspire improvements to local and global sanitation policies and practices.

Why is Ecological Sanitation Important?

Across the globe, trash, dodgy septic systems, and family wash areas are often neglected, creating infectious zones for transmission of preventable waterborne illnesses, leading to increased malnutrition and childhood stunting. Rural communities and fringe urban settlements, even city centers, in the Peruvian Amazon do not have adequate access to basic sanitation infrastructure and knowledge, worsening deficiencies to access clean water and sustain good hygiene.

Orthodox WASH practices have proven to be inadequate and inappropriate for rural/fringe sanitation, exacerbating this serious problem. Throughout the Amazon Basin, communities located in floodplains have fecal matter from flooded latrines and faux septic systems mix with floating trash in floodwaters that linger around homes for 2-3 months each year. For many families this is the only water available for cooking, washing, bathing, and drinking during this period, contributing to annual increases in diarrheas and other preventable disease.

For us it is crucial to design, test, and replicate practical and culturally appropriate solutions that can aid communities and governing bodies in the development of sound sanitation policies that can avoid the continued waste of state budgets with truly sustainable practices that nurture clean and healthy communities.

Support Regenerative Solutions

Your donation to Alianza Arkana will help us to employ Shipibo people to reforest the Amazon, create sanitation solutions for their communities and involve community members to develop more permaculture sites and provide sustainable livelihoods for them.