Bakebo Akinti
Alianza Arkana Scholarship Program

What We Do

The Alianza Arkana Scholarship program enables talented Shipibo students from the communities we work with to attend public universities in Pucallpa. We identify students with ability and a strong commitment to their cultural identity and further education, help them through the application process for their subject area, and mentor them during their studies. Since 2012, we have funded 12 students to attend the National Intercultural University of the Amazon and the National University of the Ucayali. Each scholarship is worth $1000 USD a year for the duration of their degree program. This enables the payment of all university fees and a living allowance of $75 USD per month during term time, which goes towards food, accommodation, internet use and educational materials.

Why are Scholarships Important?

There is a huge need for this kind of support to indigenous youth. Shipibo students are discriminated against at every turn, especially when looking for the financial resources necessary to complete a five-year degree program. We hope to give students a hand in having an opportunity to test their leadership ability, pursue their passions, and endure and enjoy their challenges and successes.

We would very much like to hear from individuals or groups of people who would be interested in supporting a Shipibo youth for the full period of their study (normally five years). We would be delighted to enable more young people to qualify as university-trained professionals, whilst still retaining their indigenous cultural roots and commitment to their communities.

Support Intercultural Education

Your donation to Alianza Arkana helps us provide much-needed university scholarships to gifted Shipibo students, create a cultural center, revive ancestral knowledge and empower Shipibo women and girls.